This page is designed to be a resource for those who want to learn how to witness to a Jehovah Witness. (Actually, they refer to themselves as “Jehovah’s Witnesses.”)

As a former Jehovah’s Witness, I want to share my story with along with some important strategies that you can use to reach those who have been deceived by the Watchtower Society.

My Story

As a young teenager, I was baptized into Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a young boy, I was fervent in spreading the good news of Jehovah’s Kingdom. I went “door-to-door” proclaiming this good news every weekend and aspired to spend my life in door-to-door service for Jehovah.

While growing up in the faith, I remember a lot of rules:

  • I could not recieve or give birthdays gifts
  • I could not recieve or give Christmas gifts
  • I was not allowed to stand and salute the American flag or sing the national anthem
  • I was discouraged from participating in school plays
  • No Martial Arts, Boxing, or wrestling
  • No boy scouts
  • I was discouraged from attending college
  • I was told that I should not aspire to become a police officer
  • I could not serve my country in the military
  • Our family could not buy cookies from Girl Scouts (I never quite understood this one!)
  • I was not allowed to read Christian literature
  • I was not allowed to listen to Christian music
  • I was not allowed to enter a church building
  • I could not own or wear a cross
  • I was discouraged from playing chess
  • I could not join school clubs or sports teams
  • I could not give Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts
  • I was even forbidden to say “God Bless You” when someone sneezed!

However, at the age of 18, I was confronted with the power of Jesus Christ and my life was radically transformed by the power of God.

What led to my conversion?


I finally reached the end of my rope.


I had done all of the good works that I knew to do and I still had experienced no power for living. As I began to question some of the practices and the theology of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I found that answers were few and far between. Jehovah’s Witnesses are encouraged not to question anything that comes from the top of the organization. The more I questioned, the more I was rejected.


Soon I began finding myself feeling more and more isolated. My strange beliefs had made me a misfit among those who were not Jehovah’s Witnesses and a virtual outcast among my own people. Soon, I began to drift away.
In essence, I was a backslidden cult member. Friends, it doesn’t get much worse than that. When the cults don’t even want you, you know things are bad.


In addition to all of this, I was facing tremendous pressure in my family life. When confronted with the mounting problems in my life, I remember desperately crying out to “Jehovah God,” but no one answered.


I was alone… with all of my good works amounting to nothing.


Without a personal relationship with Christ, I was completely desperate.


As puberty raged and my home life fell apart, I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Needless to say, I fell into the wrong crowd. Despite my new acceptance into a small group of “druggie” friends, nothing could fill the God-shaped hole in my life.


Without a personal relationship with God, I continued a downward spiral through wrong living and and wrong thinking.


One evening, I did a unusually large amount of drugs. It turned out that the drugs had been laced with some powerful hallucinogens. I was very scared that I had overdosed and  began to cry out to God. I cried and told Him how confused I was. For so long, I thought that I had known the truth about God. But now, I was shattered to realize that I had never known God.


Was He Jehovah? Buddha? Allah? Jesus?


I was so completely clueless and deceived. I was desperate for truth.


While I did not know it at the time, it was that evening that an eternal change began in me.


No less than three months after that experience, I was in a church singing hymns to Christ and learning about Jesus for the first time in my life.


It took Almighty God to pull me out of the pit that I was in. That pit was full of deception and doctrines of men. It was full of self-reliance and good works without faith.


Today, I thank God that He showed mercy to me and allowed me to escape the death grip that one of the largest false cults held over me.

Have YOU ever won a Jehovah’s Witness to Christ?

After becoming born again, I realized that in all of my door-to-door experiences with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I had never been challenged effectively with the truth of God’s Word.

Oh sure, I had been confronted by a few impatient Christians who called me deceived.

But I had never been approached by a born-again Christian with love and told the truth. I want to help you reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I can show you specific ways to effectively approach the Jehovah’s Witness on your doorstep.

On this page, I will provide links and resources to help you witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

START HERE: First, here is a 100% free online teaching that we created entitled: Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses: What Every Christian Should Know.


It is about two hours long and will help you understand the Jehovah’s Witness mindset.


It will also show you the most effective ways of reaching out to a Jehovah’s Witness.


If you have a family member, a friend, or a loved one who has been persuaded by Jehovah’s Witnesses, I strongly encourage you to watch this video. It is simply impossible for you to understand the mindset of a cult member without some frame of reference. I truly believe that if you will invest a couple of hours into watching this video, it will greatly increase your effectiveness at witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Feel free to share this video with every Christian you know. (This webinar is presented by Jerry Robinson, the founder and President of JRMI, and a former Jehovah’s Witness. You can learn more about Jerry Robinson here.)


How to Witness to a Jehovah Witness

Here are some other videos that we found online to help you understand what Jehovah’s Witnesses really believe.


An Encounter with a Jehovah’s Witness

Watchtower Christology (What JW’s Believe About Jesus)

Understanding the Mind of one of  Jehovah’s Witnesses


The False Prophecies Of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Society

The Watchtower’s Faulty Bible

JW Claims vs. Bible Doctrine

Jehovah’s Witnesses & Blood Transfusions


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