NEW VIDEO: Just War Theory vs Christ

Can we follow Christ’s command to love our enemies through homicidal violence?

Six Steps To Walking In Wisdom

When we seek wisdom, we are seeking the mind of God regarding earthly circumstances.

NEW VIDEO: It's Time To Rethink Rome

What if America is the new Rome?

Video: Should Christians Carry Weapons?

Has the Prince of Peace called his followers to fight against flesh and blood with carnal weapons of death?

Beware of False Prophets

We are surrounded by false teachers in these last days. Learn the hallmarks of false teachers in this insightful teaching with Jerry Robinson.

Civil Disobedience and the Bible

Is it ever okay for Christians to disobey the government? If so, when? How are we supposed to respond to the ungodly actions of human governments?

The Mystery of Lawlessness

We are living in an advanced stage of sin. Understanding the mystery of lawlessness is key in unlocking a true understanding of the great spiritual deception in these last days.

Do You Agree With America’s Founders About Jesus Christ?

The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that many of America’s founding fathers did not trust in Christ, let alone believe in His virgin birth, miracles, resurrection, and free offer of salvation to those who repent of their sins.

'Woe to the Rich...'

In this powerful teaching by Jerry Robinson, you will learn the significance of Christ’s message to the rich and the poor and what it means today. This teaching contains many fresh insights on the topic of wealth and poverty from a solid Biblical perspective.

VIDEO: Overcoming Political (And Religious) Propaganda

Are you falling for (and sharing) the lies of this age — or are you standing strong in these last days armed with God’s Word as your ultimate source of truth? Learn more in this powerful new video teaching with Jerry Robinson.

VIDEO: A New Testament View of Vengeance

If Christ desired the saints to arm themselves against the many dangers they faced, we can be certain that this command will be found throughout these writings of the early church. Learn more in this powerful new video teaching with Jerry Robinson.

VIDEO: Christians and Government

What is the proper Christian view of government? Does the Bible condone revolution or violent rebellion to kings? Learn more in this powerful new video teaching with Jerry Robinson.

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