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What Are The Moral Lessons of the American Revolution?

Are there any moral lessons for modern-day Christians to be learned from the American Revolution? And is it wise for Christ followers to celebrate the spirit of revolution that courses through American veins or the rebellion that is a fundamental part of America’s DNA?

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VIDEO TEACHING: The Days of Noah w/ Jerry Robinson

WATCH VIDEO BELOW VIDEO: THE DAYS OF NOAH Date Recorded: April 28, 2018 Teacher: Jerry Robinson   Video Description: Christ warns us that the days leading up to His return to judge the living and the dead will be similar to the days of Noah. In Noah’s day, people...

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15 Questions For Those Who Believe America is a ‘Christian’ Nation

Today, millions of Christians believe America to be a “Christian” nation that is exceptional in many ways. But is America really a “Christian” nation? Those who view America as a “Christian” nation often point to the country’s founding principles and speak of the need to “take back our nation for God.”

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TEACHING: Is America a Christian Nation?

Any historical examination of America’s origins, which fails to incorporate its pagan Greco-Roman philosophical heritage, its savage genocide of the native population centers, its dependence upon the subjugation of African slaves, and its violent opposition to, and overthrow of, monotheistic Christian monarchy, are merely myths created to soothe men’s conscience.

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TEACHING: The Curse of the Fall

Most of the religious books that fill modern Christian bookstores are written by men in an attempt to increase their understanding of God. However, it is more instructive to read the Bible to discover what God thinks of man.

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VIDEO: The Secrets of the Blessed Man

In this brief, yet powerful, 12-minute video, Jerry Robinson shares the Biblical steps toward living — and staying — in God’s blessing, even in our own current age of turmoil.

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LESSON: The Final Great Awakening

In this powerful new teaching, Jerry Robinson encourages believers with three biblical wisdom keys that will inspire you to maintain an eternal perspective in these dark spiritual times.

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LESSON: Man Cannot Rule Man

In this powerful new teaching, Jerry Robinson provides much-needed wisdom to help you maintain an eternal perspective in our age of empire — and human government run amok!

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New Teaching: “Woe to the Rich”

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