Ever wondered what Just War Theory is all about?

Watch the above video and keep reading below for a basic overview of Just War theory.

In a nutshell, Just War Theory is a set of ethical principles used to assess and justify the morality of using military force against one’s enemies.

But here’s the kicker — we need to explore it from a critical perspective, especially for those of us who strive to follow Christ’s teachings of peace.

Just War Theory acknowledges that war and violence are generally seen as negative, but it proposes that there may be certain situations where the use of force is deemed necessary and justifiable.

However, as peacemakers in Christ, we must question and examine this theory through an entirely different lens than the world uses — a lens that values Christ’s commands above the tradition of men.

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Just War Theory and exploring its implications from a critical perspective, we invite you to watch a short and enlightening 10-minute video.

This video delves into the complexities of Just War Theory and examines it through the lens of a peacemaker and follower of Christ. It’s an opportunity to broaden our understanding, engage in critical thinking, and explore alternative perspectives on this important ethical topic.

Our aim is to offer Christ-centered insights that challenge the conventional narrative and provoke thoughtful consideration.

Ready to dive in? Simply click on the link below to access the video:

Watch 10-minute video

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