I’m excited to share with you another video clip from our ongoing Gospel of Peace webcast series. This brief clip focuses on Jesus’ radical nonviolent love in action.

Q: Did Jesus ever use homicidal violence to fulfill His mission or to reveal the true nature and character of God?

A: The Gospels and Epistles unanimously respond with a decisive ‘no.’

The absence of violence in Jesus’ life is not a matter of interpretation but stands as a biblical fact.

Jesus never used homicidal violence as a means for dealing with evil.


Instead, He went about the cities of Israel healing, resurrecting, feeding, teaching, and always doing good. Jesus revealed God’s true “name” by perfectly reflecting and modeling God’s true nonviolent character.

Jesus neither killed nor maimed anyone.

Instead, Jesus displayed radical nonviolent love towards both friends and enemies. And for this, mankind murdered Jesus.

No one wanted a nonviolent Messiah 2,000 years ago just as no one wants a nonviolent Messiah today.

Q: Will Jesus ever use homicidal violence to overcome evil?

A: NO. Jesus doesn’t kill or maim today because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

Jesus doesn’t kill now or in the future because He doesn’t change as the perfect expression of our unchanging God.

God does not change, or mutate.

Neither does Jesus change, or mutate.

Jesus was nonviolent yesterday.

Jesus is nonviolent today.

Jesus will be nonviolent forever.

Humanity changes but God does not change.

Let us find great hope in the unchanging nature of our nonviolent Master, Jesus.

I pray today’s brief video excerpt brings you encouragement and hope in Christ.

You can watch the full teaching video replay here.

In peace,
Jerry Robinson

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