We are surrounded by false teachers in these last days. Learn the hallmarks of false teachers in this insightful teaching with Jerry Robinson.

The New Testament warns that our age will be marked by a surge in false teaching and false prophecies.

Thankfully, Christ and His Apostles did not leave us without answers in how to discern true teaching from false teaching.

In this eye-opening teaching by Bible teacher/researcher Jerry Robinson, you will learn:

– A brief history of false prophecies since the Protestant Reformation era

– A brief history of failed prophecies about the identity of the Antichrist

– Why Christians should not ignore the Bible’s violent verses

– Who the Protestant Reformers believed was the antichrist

– Who the American Revolutionaries believed was the antichrist

– What many modern American Christians now believe about the antichrist

– What the Bible tells us about false prophets and teachers

– Three ways to identify false teachers in our modern day

– And so much more!

This highly educational and Biblically-based 95-minute video teaching with Jerry Robinson is designed to help you avoid false teachings by remaining rooted in the eternal truths of Holy Scripture.

After viewing this teaching, you will have a new appreciation for what the Bible says about false prophets and will have better Biblical discernment so as to avoid their deceptions.

If you are seeking faith-driven, Christ-centered, Kingdom-focused Bible teaching, don’t miss this new video presentation!



About Jerry Robinson

About Jerry Robinson

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Video Details/Table of Contents

Video Title: Beware of False Prophets
Instructor: Jerry Robinson
Video Genre: Biblical Studies, Prophecy
Length: 95 minutes

Table of Contents:

      • 00:08 – Opening comments/Today’s teaching
      • 02:50 – The risk of being deceived among 8000+ denominations
      • 04:28 – Will the real false prophets stand up?
      • 08:18 – Graph: Bible vs Science vs Evangelicals
      • 13:55 – Are we living in the last days?
      • 15:02 – Modern-day Failed Prophecies
      • 17:02 – Selling revelation to the flock?
      • 23:10 – We are not to judge, but we are to use discernment
      • 27:05 – Failed Antichrist Prophecies 101
      • 34:13 – Two books I highly recommend for truth seekers
      • 42:45 – C-O-N-F-U-S-I-O-N
      • 44:15 – What God says about His people (Jeremiah 5)
      • 47:24 – The “rights” of the poor and needy (Jeremiah 5:27-28)
      • 50:33 – A stern last days warning from the Apostle Peter (2 Peter 2:1-22)
      • 54:58 – Our “liberty” in Christ has been confused with the pursuit of happiness and our own opinions
      • 1:05:28 – The Way of Cain (Genesis 4) (Jude 1:11)
      • 1:09:39 – The error of Balaam (2 Peter 2:15-16) (Jude 1:11) (Revelation 2:14)
      • 1:11:56 – The rebellion of Korah (Numbers 16) (Jude 1:11) What is Korah’s sin?
      • 1:22:25 – False teachers promise liberty, reject authority, and condone killing their own brother
      • 1:24:25 – Remember this: Korah rebelled against the authority who make the golden calf… does that justify his rebellion?
      • 1:29:33 – The sin of Korah is subtle, crafty, and satanic… and appears normal in the 21st century
      • 1:30:02 – A call to action for both believers and non-believers


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