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Proclaiming the Kingdom of God in the Age of Empire


If our ministry has one overarching theme running through our messages, it would be the Kingdom of God as the solution to mankind’s problems.

At True Riches Radio, we believe the answer to every global problem facing mankind is found in the Kingdom of God.

When Adam was fashioned, formed, and placed into the Garden of Eden, he was told to rule over the earth and the animals. But what is strangely missing from the text is a command for Adam to rule over any other human being, including his wife, Eve.

Instead, Adam was created by God to be a perfect follower and a loyal subject.

Adam was created to be a follower of God, not a ruler of men.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they rejected the Kingship of God and opted for self-rule. Unfortunately, the couple were not specifically designed and engineered to rule over themselves. They needed God, but now they must live apart from His unbridled Presence.

Since then, mankind has been engaged in a long and bloody power struggle over seats of authority, natural resources, etc.

Our inability to achieve true and lasting peace is evidence that God was right and that Adam and Eve were wrong.

Man cannot rule himself.

Man is even incapable of producing anything of eternal value apart from God.

Still, generation after generation continue to believe the same lie that the serpent whispered to Eve in the Garden: “You don’t need God.”

[su_pullquote align=”right”]It is a Biblical truth that man was never designed to rule himself: “Man cannot rule man.”[/su_pullquote]

But 6,000 years of history proves the serpent was a liar.

Shockingly, many who claim to follow Christ today, also place great confidence in man’s ability to rule himself.

The promotion of, and argument over, worldly political systems by those who claim to be mere pilgrims on earth is enough to perplex any casual observer.

True Riches Radio is committed to helping re-orient believers back to the unshakeable Kingdom of God as the ultimate solution.

In summary, we are not Biblically aware but politically motivated. Instead, we are politically aware but Biblically motivated.

The difference explains our de-emphasis of human empire and our strong emphasis upon God’s Kingdom.



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