Americans have gained a reputation around the world of being highly individualistic creatures. Our culture places great value upon self-sufficiency and self-reliance. While these are admirable traits when properly applied, they are attitudes that are foreign to the Christian faith. Christianity is a faith that emphasizes community. It is a faith that is dependent on the parts to make the whole. It is a faith that finds its great strength in unity of its parts. It is not a “lone ranger” faith. Christianity also emphasizes love for one’s neighbor. But it is certainly difficult to love your neighbor if you don’t even know his name!

Historically, times of great crisis have galvanized the Christian community. I believe that the Body of Christ in America should be preparing for difficult financial times ahead. Having a network of godly friends and loved ones will become one of the most valuable assets that you, as a Christian, could ever hope to possess in a time of crisis.

How can you get started?

  • Update your rolodex and reconnect with long-lost friends. 
  • Invite your neighbors over for dinner. 
  • Join a small group in your church with the purpose of seeking intimate friendships.

Our ministry is in the process of unveiling a home fellowship network called the Acts 20:20 Network. Through this network of home fellowships, we are seeking to reach out and provide physical aid and spiritual growth to people in neighborhoods all over the country. Our vision is to have “a church in every neighborhood.” As these home church fellowships grow and mature, we expect to see those attending to form new friendships and have deep spiritual intimacy with one another. I believe that this network, and others like it across the country, will greatly serve those in the Christian community in times of need and crisis. As the economy gets worse, churches, small communities, and neighborhoods will be required to work together. Why not get started now?

>> Learn more about the Acts 20:20 Network

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