Should Christians Pack Heat? Are preppers obliged to feed others? What about political activism?

In this compelling three-part interview, Biblical researcher Jerry Robinson debates the ethical and scriptural considerations of using firearms in self-defense, prepping and political activism.

Multiple viewpoints including: common tradition, biblical verses, and personal opinion are contrasted. Principled discussion from viewers is welcomed!

Part 1/3: The Ethics of Armed Defense: Should Christians Kill in Self-Defense?

Are Christians justified in using firearms to defend their property, themselves and others?

Part 2/3: The Ethics of Preparedness: Are Preppers Morally Obligated to Help Others?

How might helping others be a win-win? What about urban vs. remote safety?

Part 3/3: The Ethics of Political Activism: The Difference Between Activism and Awareness


Will aligning with a particular political party rescue America from ethical and moral decline? What’s the difference between being politically active vs. politically aware, and which are we called to?

Featured image: Lonny Garris / Shutterstock

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