What does the Bible say about the topic of election? And how does it compare to man’s view of elections?

In this unique and brief Biblical commentary, teacher/researcher Jerry Robinson exposes the confusion plaguing the American church today in the wake of the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections.

The New Testament contains 23 different references to the word “elect.”

In the Greek, the word is “eklektos” meaning to be chosen, or selected, for God’s divine purposes.

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Interestingly, the Bible does not specifically endorse electoral democracy even though it has been embraced as “God’s idea” among American Christians.

The confusion has led many Christians to conflate the “will of God” with the “will of the people.” These are two entirely separate things despite what is being taught in many American pulpits.

Sadly, many in the American church have tied their wagon to the fate of Donald Trump. False prophets who falsely declared him as the anointed and chosen of God have greatly misunderstood the entire concept of election, as evidenced by this video.

Some may agree with what I have said in this video. Others will undoubtedly disagree. Either way, please share your thoughts and comments so we can have a constructive discussion about this very important topic.

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