by Jerry Robinson
Originally Posted on 7/18/2007

In the midst of war and global chaos, Christians need to become grounded in the things of God; for themselves and for others!

In December 2002 I felt a strong urge to develop a ministry that would monitor current affairs and global news from a Biblically prophetic viewpoint. This website is one outreach effort of that ministry. As one who holds a literal hermeneutic, it is my opinion that the Holy Bible reveals as much about mankind’s future as it does about our collective past. Since 2002, the world has been an interesting place to say the least. However, the downward spiral that humanity appears to be on can be blamed on one thing: the inherent sin nature in man. And an inherent sin nature makes our attempts to rule over ourselves quite futile. One fact should painstakingly clear to every human being on the planet: Man cannot rule man, just as the blind cannot lead the blind. In fact, the Bible states that God finds our ridiculous antics quite amusing:

“Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the LORD and against His Anointed… He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;The Lord shall hold them in derision.” (Psalms 2:1,2,4 NKJV)

So while we are taking ourselves quite seriously here on earth, our Creator thinks our attempts at self-guidance are absurd. Man’s daily actions continue to prove that God is right. We desperately need Him. And in examining the year 2006, it appears as though the wheels are falling off right before our very eyes. Terrorism, War, Famines, Earthquakes, Wicked Weather, Greed, etc., all occurring with tremendous intensity and regularity. This world desperately needs to come into intimate contact with its redeemer, Jesus Christ, for no true peace can be found outside of Him.

Recent events in the Middle East (i.e. War in Israel/Lebanon, etc.) have many wondering if we are being plunged head-long into what the Bible refers to as the “latter days.” The ancient prophets Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, and John the revelator, are suddenly becoming relevant to many inside and outside the church. Many are turning to Christian and secular authors and commentators in the hopes that someone can alleviate their confusion concerning man’s bleak future. However, this sudden interest in eschatology is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing in that a sound end-times theology stirs up the Body of Christ and awakens it action. Nothing is more exciting, nor will anything else provide the sense of urgency in local and global evangelism, than thinking that we could be the generation that will see the return of the Lord! And based upon my studies into the ancient prophecies of God’s Word, I believe that we are indeed that generation! However, this sudden interest is also a curse because far too many people are willing to take the short cut to knowledge of God’s Word. Many turn to Christian authors, or so-called “experts” with their most pressing questions concerning our day and hour.

Much could be said along these lines, but let this suffice: If you are becoming concerned by the daily barrage of news coming from all over the globe, I have the remedy. Delve into the Word of God. As the battle between God and Satan gears up in the spirit world, humanity will begin feeling the effects in strange ways. (It is already beginning to.) Let nothing stop you from reading and studying the Bible. If you are lacking a sound understanding of the principles in God’s Word (especially the prophetic principles), your peace and your joy are open prey and will be under constant attack by the enemy of your soul. Additionally, those who do not make a commitment to regular Bible study and communion with God are making themselves susceptible to false teachers and their false doctrines.

It is imperative that God’s people become rooted in His word. News stories coming out of the four corners of the globe are simply astonishing. But unfortunately, many Christians know more about the stock market or American politics than they do about the book of Daniel or the Gospel of John. In these last days, let our highest priority be communion with the Lord and the consistent study of His Word. Not only will they benefit our souls, but they will prepare us to help the dying seas of humanity that surround us.

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