Video Title: The Wheat and the Tares

Instructor: Jerry Robinson

Length: 55 minutes

Table of Contents:

  • 00:10 – Introduction/Opening comments
  • 05:21 – The parable of the wheat and the tares
  • 07:04 – Jesus explains the meaning of the parable of the wheat and the tares to His disciples
  • 07:50 – The existence of “tares” after Messiah’s arrival is part of the mystery of the Kingdom of God
  • 08:04 – Was John the Baptist surprised by the mystery of the Kingdom of God?
  • 16:06 – NOTE: In God’s Kingdom, there are “all causes of sin and lawbreakers”
  • 22:43 – Satan secretly sows his seeds and goes away after Jesus sows His seeds and goes away
  • 23:10 – “The coming of the lawless one” is another mystery
  • 25:27 – Graphic: The visible similarities between wheat and tares
  • 33:56 – Jesus said that the good and bad seed will grow together
  • 37:44 – Has the “lawless one” already come?
  • 39:02 – The devil’s “war on the saints” is part of the mystery
  • 48:40 – The question before every person in this “present evil age”
  • 52:46 – Concluding remarks

Video Description: One of the most interesting and prophetic parables uttered by Jesus Christ is that of the wheat and the tares. In this powerful parable, found in Matthew 13, Jesus Christ reveals the mystery of the Kingdom of God to His disciples.

The disciples were so intrigued by this parable that they privately requested that Christ reveal its interpretation to them.

In this one-hour teaching with Bible teacher/researcher Jerry Robinson, you will learn:

– What the parable of the wheat and the tares means — and why it matters today
– Who the tares are — and why they were sown
– How the wheat and the tares” parable is full of Bible prophecy
– How the “mystery of the Kingdom” is further revealed to the Apostles in this unique parable
– The connection between the tares and the devil’s prophesied “war on the saints
– How this “present evil age” was prophesied this powerful parable
– And so much more!

This encouraging, yet provocative, one-hour video teaching with Jerry Robinson will challenge you to revisit Christ’s words (the red letters) with faith and fresh eyes.

If you are seeking faith-driven, kingdom-centered Bible teaching, watch this video.

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Blessings to you!

Jerry Robinson –

P.S. Next Sunday, we will ask the question: What does the Bible say about democracy? And does it matter? Prepare for fresh insights into the King of kings and His Kingdom in this upcoming teaching!




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About Jerry Robinson

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