What Does The Bible Say About Democracy?

Is democracy a gift from God? Or is it an ancient pagan deception foretold in Bible prophecy?

In this extremely unique teaching with Bible teacher/researcher Jerry Robinson, you will learn:

– What democracy is, where it comes from, and why it matters today

– The difference between “the will of the people” and “the will of God

– General distinctions between democracy and monarchy

– How we should view God’s role in democracy

– A history of the pagan roots of Demokratia (goddess of democracy)

– How to decode the pagan symbols of Washington D.C.

– What Bible prophecy tells us about Greece and Rome

– An examination of the beasts of Daniel 7 and the statue of Daniel 2

– The many instances of democracy in the Bible

– Why we must understand Jesus Christ as “King of kings

– Where the authority of human government is derived

– And so much more!

This eye-opening 82-minute video teaching with Jerry Robinson is designed to inform you of the past so you can better understand the present. After this teaching, you will have a new appreciation for Jesus Christ as the King of kings.

If you are seeking faith-driven, kingdom-centered Bible teaching, watch this video.



About Jerry Robinson

About Jerry Robinson

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Video Details/Table of Contents

Video Title: Democracy vs the Bible
Instructor: Jerry Robinson
Video Genre: Bible Prophecy, History
Length: 82 minutes

Table of Contents:

  • 00:10 – Introduction: What is democracy?
  • 01:46 – The obsession with “making the world safe for democracy”
  • 04:52 – The very important differences between rulers in monarchy (kings) and liberal democracy (presidents)
  • 10:14 – Is God responsible for democratic outcomes?
  • 12:51 – The difference between “the will of the people” and “the will of God” (in this ‘present evil age’)
  • 21:18 – The ancient pagan roots of democracy
  • 26:13 – Meet the ancient goddesses of Democracy and Liberty (Psalm 96:5)
  • 30:17 – When Christ came, democracy fades away and is dead for over 1000 years… until it is revived
  • 32:12 – Democracy is revived with a bloody vengeance in the wake of the Renaissance
  • 45:26 – Greece and Rome are two of the beasts in Daniel that threaten and oppress God’s people
  • 54:58 – Does democracy appear in the Bible?
  • 1:17:26 – What if Democracy is an ancient pagan deception?
  • 1:18:13 – The mission of the Kingdom of God
  • 1:19:12 – The true “Constitution” of the believer



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Many blessings to you!

Jerry Robinson – TrueRichesRadio.com


P.S. Next Sunday, we will delve into the Biblical case for the American Revolution. Prepare for fresh insights into America’s true origins and how these origins were designed to conflict with the Kingdom of God in this upcoming teaching!



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