New Teaching: It’s Time To Rethink Good and Evil

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Welcome to True Riches Live!

This page will host the live streaming videos from our new video teaching series known as the Rethink Series.

In this new teaching series, Bible researcher, author, and teacher Jerry Robinson will explore many unique topics through a Biblical lens.

Upcoming topics include:

– Rethink: Politics
– Rethink: Bible Prophecy
– Rethink: Antichrist
– Rethink: Homicidal Violence
– Rethink: Patriotism
– Rethink: Civil Disobedience
– Rethink: America
– Rethink: Moses
– Rethink: Lawlessness

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About the Instructor

Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson


Over the years, Jerry has taught audiences alongside some of the most well-known and beloved Christian thinkers including Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Tim Lahaye, Frank Peretti, and many others.

He and his work have been profiled by FoxNews, Bloomberg, LA Times, The Blaze, USA Today, and many other popular online and offline media outlets.

All told, Jerry’s writings, lectures, and teachings have been read and/or downloaded in more than 100 nations.

Jerry is a published author and has written four books including his most recent major release: Bankruptcy of our Nation.

Jerry holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa. In addition, Jerry has studied the Bible in both Bible College and at the university level.

He is a grateful husband and a proud father. Jerry and his family live deep within the Boston Mountains.

Rethink Series: Teaching Archive

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