Welcome to 2019 with TrueRichesRadio.com!

We have a vision.

We envision a 24/7/365 internet radio broadcast that heralds the coming Kingdom of God…

…Continuously streaming powerful Bible teachings, Bible studies, meditative music, prayer requests, and select Bible readings.

Would you listen to such a radio station?

I believe there is a vibrant body of Kingdom-minded global believers who share at least three things in common:

They understand the times.”

They “long to belong.”

And they “long for His Coming.”

We envision a 100% free 24/7 True Riches Radio station, beaming Biblical wisdom, encouragement, and teaching directly to this global body.

We envision launching a non-stop 24/7/365 Biblical assault in the face of Satan’s earthly propaganda.

We envision radio that doesn’t teach or promote man’s economics, but instead, Kingdom economics.

One that places Kingdom politics above man’s politics and God’s laws above man’s laws.

Radio that does not promote man’s philosophies, but instead, boldly proclaims the words and ways of the ultimate Philosopher, Jesus Christ.

So, there’s the gist of our vision. Of course, there are many details in building such a radio station. We are currently in the planning process and would frankly love to hear what any of our readers think of our vision.

Would you listen to True Riches Radio?

Do you think that this is a good way to deliver the gospel and create community, or can you think of an even better way? 

We appreciate your prayers for wisdom for this ministry.

Please feel free to share your comments/suggestions/questions below.


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