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A Message from Jerry Robinson

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Thanks for being a part of the JRMI online community!

Like you, I absolutely love reading, studying, and sharing the Word of God. I am so glad that our paths in life have crossed. I believe in divine appointments and do not believe that you have stumbled across JRMI by accident. Stay tuned for more teachings coming soon!

Many blessings to you!

Jerry Robinson, Founder of Jerry Robinson Ministries International


Video Lesson – The Curse of the Fall

[op_liveeditor_element][text_block]Teaching Summary: This is the first in a series of six lectures focused on Biblical wisdom for our dangerous hour. In this video teaching, we focus on the fall of man in the Bible and its ongoing impact on modern man.

Most of the religious books that fill modern Christian bookstores are written by men in an attempt to increase their understanding of God. However, it is more instructive to read the Bible to discover what God thinks of man.

The Bible is a unique book.

Unlike its competitors, the Bible portrays man as inherently wicked and diseased by sin. It describes the plight of mankind as utterly hopeless apart heavenly intervention. It paints man as a desperate created being subject to evil forces.

Put simply, the Bible does not promote mankind’s philosophies or his political systems.

It is important to note that the Bible’s unflattering portrait of humanity’s achievements and philosophies collides HEAD-ON with modern man’s own view of himself. Like the rich young ruler, modern man cannot fathom, let alone admit, his spiritual defects.

When faced with a choice of which belief about man to build their future concepts, philosophies, and dreams, they opted for a positive view of man. The depravity of man is largely ignored by modern man. Instead, he operates and functions under a generally optimistic view of man’s achievements, ingenuity, and tower-building prowess.

Early 21st century man is perhaps the first generation that could rightfully rival and, thus replay, of the tragedy of Babel.

God’s merciful intervention into early man’s efforts at self-promotion – which is the first way to get humbled by God – spoiled the unification of all men.

The Bible predicts that Babel will once again arise just before judgment day. Only this time, God’s merciful intervention is replaced by vengeance.

In the ultimate tragedy, man will finally get what he always wanted. Utopia will appear within reach to all of humanity. For it is “when they say peace and safety” that “sudden destruction shall come upon them.”[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]



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  • Video #1

    A Biblical View of Propaganda

    In this powerful and unique lecture, Jerry Robinson explains the Bible’s view of propaganda and why Christians should understand this powerful covert method for stirring “belief-motivated action.”

  • Video #2

    Christians and Government: What It Means To "Be Subject"

    What does it mean to yield to the governing authorities? Are we always to be subject?

  • Video #3

    Meet Glenn Beck’s Jesus

    In this brief video commentary, Jerry Robinson analyzes the strange beliefs about Jesus held by popular Mormon commentator, Glenn Beck.

  • Video #4

    Biblical Economics 101: Decoding the Coming Stock Market Collapse

    In this powerful message on Biblical economics delivered on August 7, 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO at the Prophecy in the News Conference, Christian economist and Biblical researcher Jerry Robinson shares his investing and geopolitical wisdom while exposing the spiritual deception of money and wealth.

  • Video #5

    Peace and Security, Then Sudden Destruction

    In this in-depth endtimes teaching, Jerry Robinson delves into the prophetic verses of 1 Thess. 4:13-5:10. In this important passage, the Apostle Paul explains that just prior to Christ’s Second Coming, the world will believe that it has finally achieved true and lasting “peace and security.” But instead, this will herald a destruction so swift and sudden, it will shock all of humanity.

  • Video #6

    Exposing the Great American Deception

    As the world nears the Second Coming of Christ, many of America’s pulpits have been hijacked by extreme nationalists who want Christ followers to prop up the failed institutions of this world. Just before Christ returns, influential Christian leaders are now urging Christ followers to “get into politics.” And many of these false teachers see nothing wrong with bombing the mission fields, even praising those who do. In this powerful and eye-opening presentation, Bible teacher Jerry Robinson challenges those who profess Christ to weigh such logic in light of the scripture.

  • Video #7

    The Spiritual Deception of the U.S. Economy

    In this live teaching from Colorado, Jerry Robinson breaks down exactly why America’s debt-based economy is doomed to failure. This eye-opening teaching will help you understand the real problems facing the U.S. economy in the not-too-distant future.

Interview – Apocalypse the End Times w/ Jerry Robinson (Part 1 of 2)

Interview – Apocalypse the End Times w/ Jerry Robinson (Part 2 of 2)

Video Lesson – Is Your Faith in Man or God?

Video Lesson – Which Jesus Do You Serve?

Video Lesson – The Secrets of the Blessed Man

Video Lesson – Guns and Self-Defense: What Would Jesus Do?

Video Lesson – Which “Jesus” Do You Worship?

Video Lesson – Can You Spot a False Teacher?

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The Power of the Blood Covenant

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  • Video Lesson #1

    An Introduction to Biblical Covenants

    The Bible is a book of covenants. Throughout its pages, covenants are formed between men, between leaders and their subjects, and between nations. But the most important covenant of all is the one made by God between Himself and mankind. Let’s dive in together and explore God’s covenants in the Bible.

  • Video Lesson #2

    The Nine Steps of Ancient Covenant Making

    In this fascinating one hour lecture, Jerry Robinson shares the nine-step covenant making process as practiced in the ancient Near East. Understanding this process will greatly expand your understanding and appreciation of the redemptive power of Jesus’ sacrificial death.

  • Video Lesson #3

    The Amazing Mephibosheth Pattern

    Patterns are replete throughout the Bible. These patterns, which confirm the grace of God, often provide wonderful illumination for the diligent Bible student. One such pattern is the one that is found in the life of Mephibosheth. (This teaching led to salvations immediately afterward.)

  • Video Lesson #4

    The Blessings of the New Covenant

    This soul-winning message demonstrates the New Covenant as God’s ultimate covenant with mankind. This study of the power of the blood of Christ concludes with a celebration of the vast riches of God’s love for us.

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“Every time I listen to Jerry Robinson teach the Bible I learn something new and I find myself wanting to know more. My own personal Bible study at home has increased and changed tremendously because of your ministry. Thank you so much for your work!”

David F.
St. Paul, MN


“Your teaching on Greater Israel literally blew my mind. I have shared your ideas and see the same response. Please give us more teachings — and soon!”

Debra Jenkins
Palo Alto, CA


COMING SOON: New Bible teachings by Jerry Robinson

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