Date Recorded: Sept 10, 2017
TeacherJerry Robinson

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Video Description: The desire for the city is resident in man’s heart and man can never be truly satisfied outside of the city.

But, because of man’s sin nature, all of man’s cities are unable to foster the environment only God can provide.

All of man’s kingdoms fail to end poverty, hunger, disease, thirst, pain, suffering, and ultimately, death.

Man’s kingdoms, his empires, his cities, as well as the philosophies that inform them, all fail to solve man’s deepest problems. 

The Lord offers you an eternal home. God will create for man what man was unable to build for himself. After man revolted against God, he set out to fulfill the desires that lie resident within his heart. But in his own effort, he has proven to be incapable of establishing a peaceful world apart from God. 

God will govern as King over his children. Our communion with God will no longer be interrupted. He will be present among men. 
In this new heaven and new earth, God will banish the things that man alone cannot eradicate in his own power. 

– There will be no more crying as God will wipe away every tear from our eyes
– God will eliminate death
– God will eliminate sorrow
– God will eliminate pain

Which of man’s governments can boast this same promise?

Therefore, let us await the blessed hope and glorious appearance of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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