Blood Covenant Teaching Series

Thank you for your interest in this online video teaching series by Jerry Robinson. You can watch all four videos in this series below.

An Introduction to Biblical Covenants – Blood Covenant Teaching (1 of 4)


9 Steps of Covenant in Old Testament – Old Testament Covenant Teaching (2 of 4)


The Amazing Mephibosheth Pattern – Old Testament Covenant Teaching (3 of 4)


The Blessings of the New Covenant – Old Testament Covenant Teaching (4 of 4)


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Notes and Reference Materials

Lesson 1 Notes

Old Testament Covenant Teaching Series – Video Lesson #1

In this four-hour teaching series, best-selling author and Christian thinker/teacher Jerry Robinson explains the ancient practice of the blood covenant and how it relates to Bible believers today.

In this first lesson, you will learn:

– Why a complete study of the biblical concept of covenant is vital to every Christ follower.

– Hidden mysteries lying in plain sight in the various covenants found throughout the Old Testament, including:

The Edenic Covenant
The Adamic Covenant
The Noahic Covenant
The Abrahamic Covenant
The Mosaic Covenant
The Palestinian Covenant
The Davidic Covenant
and of course, the New Covenant.

In this teaching, our Lord Jesus Christ will emerge from the pages of the Old Testament in a way that you have never experienced.

Christ is the theme of both the Old and the New Testament. His life is the model for the Christian believer.


Lesson 2 Notes

Old Testament Covenant Teaching Series – Video Lesson #2

In video lesson #2 you will learn:

– The important difference between “covenant” and “contract” and why it matters for Christians.

– Examples of how the concept of covenant has largely been replaced with the idea of contract in Western thinking.

– Observations by previous generations from men like Henry Clay Trumbull, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, David Livingstone on the blood covenant.

– The 9 steps of covenant in the Old Testament including:

Step 1 — Pre-Ceremony: Two parties discuss the terms, conditions, the promises of blessing, and the warning of curses related to the agreement.

Step 2 — Selection and Sacrifice: The selection of the covenant representatives and the cutting of the covenant sacrifice

Step 3 — Exchange Robes, Belts, Weapons: In many cases, the parties to the covenant would exchange robes, belts, weapons to symbolize their unity.

Step 4 — The Walk Unto Death: The two parties walk in a figure-eight through the pieces of flesh making declarations of their allegiance to each other even unto death.

Step 5 — Blessings and Cursings: Two parties would declare the blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience associated with the covenant.

Step 6 — Seal of Covenant Mark: Often a scar would be inflicted upon both parties to remind them of their covenant.

Step 7 — Exchange Names: Two parties become one by exchanging names indicating the exchange of personality, character, reputation, essence, and authority.

Step 8 — Covenant Meal: A time of great celebration. The meal included bread and wine, which represented the body and blood of the covenant partners.

Step 9 — Plant a Memorial: The two parties plant a tree and sprinkle it with the blood of the animal to memorialize the covenant.


Lesson 3 Notes

Old Testament Covenant Teaching Series – Video Lesson #3


Lesson 4 Notes

Old Testament Covenant Teaching Series – Video Lesson #4


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