by Jerry Robinson
Originally Posted on 3/28/2005

As I have documented in the recent article series, Pax Europa, the nations of the world are rushing headlong towards the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Since writing the article series, I have received many requests for a written outline detailing how I see world events unfolding in the near future. I have decided to provide an outline along with the hope that you will take my words with a grain of salt. No man has all of the answers. Yet, we can glean some magnificent insights from God’s Word concerning events that will unfold in the near future…

European Union

Hopefully, it has become clear that I do not subscribe to the typical ‘antichrist in a business suit’ theory. From my study into the scriptures, I do not believe the coming antichrist will be a ‘French foreman,’ a ‘German general,’ or a ‘Belgian bigwig.’ The EU is still in its infancy and the form that it will take on still remains to be seen. But, based on scripture, I do believe that very soon the EU will admit the Middle East in their Union. It is this unification of the Middle East and the European Union that will resurrect the ancient Roman Empire before our eyes. It is this unified conglomerate that I believe will best fit the prophesied antichrist kingdom described in the Bible. Unfortunately, I think that most of us tend to think in ‘Western’ terms in our attempts to decipher Biblical prophecy. We tend to forget that Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, etc. were all once a part of the Roman Empire.


The EU is the world’s largest single trading bloc and has a credible currency second only to the teetering dollar. The EU is the main trading partner with the Middle East. Watch for the EU to continue to strengthen diplomatic/economic ties with the Middle East and to accept the entire Middle East into the European Union, perhaps beginning with Turkey. Of course, certain stipulations will be imposed, but the EU will swallow up the Middle East and the ancient Roman Empire will re-appear on the world scene. Controlling interests in the Middle East will be precious in a time when natural resources (i.e. Oil) are becoming scarcer due to increasing global demand.

United States

It breaks my heart that America has become so dependent upon others for our prosperity. America is one step away from a total economic collapse. It will occur, it is only a matter of time. The world’s focus must soon pass from America back to the birthplace of mankind: the Middle East.


I anticipate the Euro to one day potentially replace the U.S. Dollar as the world’s key currency. If OPEC moves to price its oil in Euros instead of Dollars, this type of shift could occur. If several large central banks decide to stop holding their currency reserves in Dollars for Euros, the Dollar could likewise plummet.

I repeat, we are only one step away from an economic calamity in America.

The reason: Lack of fiscal discipline and a strong reliance on foreign credit. This shift from the Dollar to the Euro will not happen over night, but give it time… The Dollar will not remain the world’s primary currency forever.

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